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Want a Unique Offer on Your house?

Are you selling a home in need of renovation, but don't have the cash to do the updates needed to maximize your profit?

Get the most out of your sale!

With our Further Faster Program we can move your home further in price and sell faster than it likely would have been otherwise. We will invest OUR MONEY for your improvements to increase your home's value...

We will then work with you to sell it FAST and split the profits with you 50/50!

Or we buy your house AS-IS ALL CASH!!

How do we do it?

Let's start with an example. You have inherited an older home. Depending on your situation, this can be a very difficult time. You step into new inheritance to find a house that just looks unsightly and is in desperate need of repairs.  Now you have to decide to sell it as is or invest in the costs of much needed updates. Keeping it as is will not be easy to sell and when it does, the profit will be minimal if any. Upgrades and repairs are costly and time consuming.

That is where we come in.

Robertson Before
Robertson After

Our first step would be to assess the property's current value "as is". Then our experts would create an itemized list of repairs and upgrades along side the costs to prepare the home for sale. Live Salt and Stone would invest to update and repair the home and stage it for its debut on the market. This allows the home to be upgraded with no out of pocket fees for you or your family.

Each home is assigned a Project Manager as  a single point of contact. This project manager will oversee the project and handles everything: from ordering materials, to obtaining permits.Once the home is ready to sell, our team would work to sell your home as fast as possible for the maximum profit.

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