Homes Reimagined

Salt and Stone Staff_Jen

Jen is the lead designer for all the Live Salt + Stone projects.  She is dedicated to following her boho spirit in the design of all of the homes.  From Rustic Modern, to Farmhouse and beyond...Jen lets the houses she designs speak to her spirit as she maps out the best way to realize the charm and uniqueness of each home. She is relentless and uncompromising in pursuing her goal of sprinkling some "pretty dust" on all of our homes.  Jen is also in charge of all of our social media presence across the Live Salt + Stone brand.

Outside of work, Jen has an incredible following on social media through her Instagram account @pinkcupcakegirl.  She is an avid runner having competed in hundreds of races across the country.  She inspires her followers daily with her running and genuine authentic encouragement for all things fitness and health.  Jen enjoys running the trials and the hills surrounding her home or pounding the pavement daily.  She is currently on an almost 3 year running streak of at least one mile a day every day! However, her greatest passion is spending time with Shawn and their 4 boys!