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Salt and Stone Staff_Shawn

Beginning a career in financial services over 22 years ago, Shawn had to wear many different hats over the years.  He was a financial advisor, entreprenuer, podcast host, radio show host and part-time race car driver.  Never one to be idle or ordinary, Shawn always pushes himself to improve, take risks and chase after his dreams.  In 2018, Shawn decided to sell his successful financial services business and realize his goal and dream of investing in real estate. Shawn is in charge of finding, qualifying, buying and then creating the budget for each renovation project.  He is also in charge of developing the team behind the scenes and charting the direction of the bigger Live Salt + Stone business.

Always trying to balance his life and business, Shawn focuses his energy outside of work on his faith, his family and creating incredible memories together.  Whether enjoying time at their home in Cabo San Lucas, racing cars in Northern California, or hiking the incredible hills surrounding his home in Foresthill CA...Shawn is always on the move looking for his next "thing" to do or create.