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Paint Like a Pro

Paint Like A Pro

Liven up those walls

We all have projects we need to get done and with cold weather upon us, we are now stuck inside staring our unfinished projects in the face. One easy to tackle project is painting. A big difference can be made with a few paint brushes and a gallon (or two) of paint. When considering a painting project, the first question that comes to mind is, do I do it myself, or do I hire a pro? This comes down to the scope of the job and your time/convenience. Depending on the size of the project, a pro can easily cost you between $600 - $3,000+. Making this a do it yourself job can not only save you money, but it is a pretty sweet workout to help with your upcoming New Years’ Resolutions.

Tips and Tricks to doing it yourself

  1. Let the weather be your guide. Being stuck indoors is a great excuse to tackle some projects in your home but be sure you are mindful of your need for fresh air. Choose a day to paint where you can open doors and/or windows so you can ventilate your home naturally without worrying about water getting in.
  2. Clean up. Be sure to clean walls, base boards, doors, etc wherever painting will be done. This will eliminate dirt, dust or hair being stuck in your newly painted project. All potential projects need to be dusted and cleaned with a towel or vacuum cleaner to remove any small particles or cobwebs. For kitchen painting, all greasy surfaces should be cleaned with the proper products (like Goo Gone) to ensure paint will spreads evenly.
  3. Smooth it out. Be sure to patch or repair any issues in the walls or doors. This will remove the possibility for any flaws in your finished project.
  4. Get the best of the best. Great work is completed with great tools. This goes for your brushes, rollers, tape and paint. A $3 plastic brush is going make it look like you smeared paint on the wall with a rake, and the bristles will fall out. Be sure to choose a paint that offers the best coverage – and will last a long time. It will not always be the cheapest, but it will apply easier, saving you time and you will be able to wash fingerprints off the wall without taking the paint with it.
  5. Ask for help if you need it. If new to painting, consult with your local paint supplier to determine which supplies and materials will work best for your project, especially if you are taking it on yourself. Be sure to ask about the correct type of paint for your project. For example, Matte color is the most common of interior wall paints and satin is most used for bathrooms and kitchen.

Mistakes to avoid

  1. Skipping prep time. We all know this won’t work. Prep is key…do we need to say more?
  2. Using masking tape instead of real painter’s tape. This will cause headaches for you once the paint is removed. Bleed is bound to happen and that means more work with touch-ups.
  3. Going without primer. Primer sets the tone for the entire job. No primer means more coats of paint and more work for you without the promise of a great finished product.
  4. Plunging your brush too far into the paint. This will equal splatters on the floor, drips down the wall and almost definitely frustration.
  5. Painting over wallpaper with water-based paint. Be sure to use an oil-based primer to avoid a reaction with the wallpaper glue.

Does all of this just seem like too much for you? Well, hiring a pro is always an option. Whenever hiring someone to do work on your home, be sure to do your research and gather estimates from several contractors. Once you have narrowed down your options, follow the guide below when selecting the final contractor for your home project.

  1. Does your contractor have insurance?
  2. Is your contractor licensed?
  3. Does your contractor have reference you can call?
  4. Is there a warranty on the services performed?
  5. Ask about additional costs that you could incur.

Once you select a contractor, be sure to share all your expectations clearly so there is no misunderstanding about the job at hand. The job will go much smoother if everyone is on the same page.

Whether you choose to make this a DIY project or a professional job, painting the interior of your home can add new life to your daily routine. Not to mention a new coat of paint can protect your walls from damage and offer repellent from dust and allergens. No matter your reason, we think it’s time to paint.